How to Keep Your Hair Healthy - Effectively

Beautiful hair is every woman’s dream and aspirations. Along the days of our lives, pollution and the use of harsh hair products and styling tools damage our hair. For the most part, this damage lingers and affects the hair structure. 

As a result, you end up having weak hair, split ends, thinner, dry hair among other issues. Though going to a hair spa to rejuvenate your hair might be one-step of the solution. Learning how to keep your hair healthy using simple steps is very important. 

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy - Effectively
This DIY hair care routine will save you a lot of time and money. Here is how to can make your hair lush and healthy: 

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

1. Be Gentle With Wet Hair

Wet hair is fragile and easily damaged. When your hair is wet, it is so much easy for it to get breakages and sustain a lot of damage because it is at its weakest state. (2)

Be very gently when shampooing it. Do not use vigorous movements and avoid brushing wet hair. 

2. Protect Your Hair Appropriately  

It is very important to protect your hair from the wind, sun, and rain. Too much exposure to these natural factors damages your hair. Excessive sun heat and other pollutants add problems to your hair and drag your healthy hair journey. (1)

This consequently comes up as dirt build-up, dry hair, dandruff, increased breakage, and split ends. When you know, you will out in the sun or rain, plan to cover your head with an umbrella or a hat depending on the circumstances. 

3. Conditioning Your Hair 

Hair Conditioners do much good to your hair than you know it. Use a good moisturizing conditioner after washing it to ensure that it stays supple and manageable. Adhering to this step might also help your with frizzy. (3)

4. Condition Your Hair Correctly

Conditioners work to seal in moisture content into the hair shaft. They are meant for the hair and not your scalp. So, focus the conditioner on your hair and avoid putting too much of it on your scalp. This might cause excessive oiliness to your scalp. (3)

5. Use the Same Product Line of Shampoo and Conditioner

Products for the same line have the same formulation. Choose a shampoo and a conditioner from the same line of products that is ideal for your hair type. 

This is will give you maximum benefits and consequently give you much better results. Mixing up products is not a good idea, more often you will not know what works for you. (4)

It’s easier to drop a particular line of products after failing to see results. It spares you the headache of guessing which of the two products (from the different product lines) is working. 

6. Always Use Low to Medium Heat on Your Hair

Overheating your hair is one of the sure ways to completely damage it. Heat removes moisture from your hair and leaves it dry and frizzy. 

Always set your curling irons and other heating tools on the lowest possible heat level. Too much heat can also burn your hair. Always use good hair protectant and use heating tools only when necessary. (5)

7. Avoid Over Styling Your Hair

Over styling your hair and putting up your hair into tight ties causes damage. Styling your hair a bit loosely and avoiding too much manipulation will prevent unnecessary breakages. This also makes the hair shaft to get friction and end up with damage.

8. Avoid Tight Braiding During Bedtime

Since leaving your hair open during bedtime causes knots, learn to braid your hair loosely. Over-brushing your hair in the morning to remove those knots that leads to fizziness. While pulling and straightening causes more damage. 

9. Use Good Satin Pillow Covers

Using a satin pillow cover reduces hair friction and breakage. Other materials have been found to be quite harsh to the hair. They have a tough texture that causes a lot of friction to the hair that ends up damaging it. (6)

10. Use Care When Drying Your Hair 

When using a towel, pat your hair gently. Avoid vigorous movements because the towel is rough. This will prevent potential hair breakage. 

11. Oil Your Scalp Regularly

Oiling your scalp will keep your hair healthy. Shampoo your hair using mild products to remove old oil and apply oil regularly. Overusing shampoo will strip your hair of its natural oils and cause harm. 

You can use coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil among other good hair oils for this purpose. 

12. Use Appropriate Hair Masks

Develop a routine if using hair masks that are appropriate for your hair type. Using the right mask will nourish your hair and help alleviate problems that are specific to your hair type. (7)

The above guidelines are among the most important things to take into consideration when working to get healthy and shiny hair. Below are a few more things to include in your hair care routine that are worth mentioning:

  • Avoid overusing hair products
  • Prefer using cold water on your hair
  • Brush your hair effectively but not excessively 
  • Use a good clarifying shampoo monthly
  • Watch your diet; healthy eating affects your hairs health
  • Limit the number of hair products too many is not good
  • Invest in good quality combs and brushes they are worth it

These tips will be of great help if you follow them on a regular basis. Moreover, try implementing them as a package because it will be of no purpose to overheat your hair and start conditioning it to restore its natural oils. 

Additional care to your hair will surely pay. Some of these things look so basic but they are the most ignored. In case you realize that the use of chemical products does not serve you any good; feel free to use natural hair products. 

These are hair products that little to no chemicals at all. They might just be a turnaround for you to keep your hair healthy.  

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