Best Makeup Tips For Mature Skin

Being over 50 years old doesn’t mean you should stop showing off!

At this age, care must be taken when applying makeup. The makeup should not accentuate the flaws. 

Avoid an unnatural “mask” appearance on the face that exaggerates wrinkles, drooping eyelids, and a duller complexion. These makeup tips for older women and mature skin will give you a lot of insight. 

The skin changes with age and many women do not know how to handle it. 

Best Makeup Tips For Mature Skin
Suddenly, completely different cosmetic products are needed and the skincare routine has to be gradually changed to adapt to the changing complexion.

Some women choose to completely do away with makeup at some point because they think that it is no longer appropriate for their age. 

Of course, it is also a good decision to opt for a natural look, especially since you give your skin so much air to breathe and it doesn't strain it unnecessarily. 

To let you know: Even at the age of 50, 60 or even 70, it is still perfectly appropriate to put a lot of emphasis on beautiful and age-appropriate makeup. A decisive advantage is that the skillful use of the right products can give you a more vibrant younger look.

Below I share with you the best makeup tips for mature skin to help you look your best.

To start you off: In Old Age, you have to put the right accents on your face instead of trying desperately to hide and paint your face inappropriately. 

1. Prep/Primer for mature skin

As a first step, you should apply a primer after creaming that covers small pores, redness and dark shadows and thus refines your complexion. 

Prefer a fluid and hydrating face cream for the day. make it penetrate by applying it in smooth movements from the chin to the forehead. 

Note: Many face creams for mature skin are rich, even if they are by day. The problem is that they do not penetrate the skin and thus highlight wrinkles. It is, therefore, better to keep them for the night.

2. Foundation Tips for Mature Skin 

You need to apply your foundation correctly. 

When using a foundation: use a small amount of concealer first. Admittedly, its covering power will be less important than a thick product, but this will prevent it from slipping into wrinkles and marking them more.

The foundation is then the basis for every make-up. For mature skin, a cream-based liquid foundation is recommended. 

This formulation does not cover too much so that the face does not appear mask-like. At best, your foundation also has a moisturizing component that additionally hydrates your skin. 

3. Concealer Tips for Mature Skin

When applying foundation, always leave the eye area under the eyes and later use a liquid concealer to cover it. 

If you applied the concealer again over the foundation, it would be too much for the skin and would settle in the folds, and we should avoid that in any case!    

4. Powder Tips for Mature Skin

Use powder very sparingly. The powder can easily settle in wrinkles on the face and thereby particularly emphasize them. It only gives the skin additional structure, which it already has enough in old age.

Also, invest enough time to find the right shade for your skin. Under no circumstances should the primer be too dark!

Which foundation colors and textures are suitable for visible wrinkles?

Liquid makeup that covers well but does not look mask-like is best suited as a foundation. 

This kind of foundation ensures an even and natural complexion and gives the skin a natural glow. 

5. Eye Makeup Tips For Mature Skin


In order to visually "lift" your look, do not hesitate to pluck your eyebrows above the bridge of the nose so as to enlarge your eyes. 

Avoid over-epilating them or choosing an overly arched shape. Then color the top of the eyebrows - but not the bottom, because it makes the eyes look heavier - with a make-up, softer and natural than the pencil.

Add a hint of light shade under the eyebrow to highlight it.


If you already have small wrinkles around the eyes, you shouldn't use a shimmering or shiny eyeshadow. This kind of eyeshadows will just work to emphasizes the wrinkles even more. 

As a rule of thumb in old age: Choose lighter and more natural colors (of course, some women also like black or dark brown, but they make the area around the eyes look harder). 

Always apply an eyeshadow base beforehand so that the eyeshadow does not settle in the wrinkles.

Focus on your eyebrows and eyelashes because they both tend to get fewer in as you age. Pay special attention to them. 


Mascara is a must for every woman! I recommend using an eyelash curler before applying it to give the lashes a nice curve. 

Focus on the upper lash line and only slightly emphasize the lower one. Well-groomed eyebrows that correspond to natural growth also make you look a few years younger. 

You can discreetly fill them in with an eyebrow pencil and give them more definition. 

Choose a black mascara to bring out the best look. However, be careful, not to apply it to the lower lashes, because it visually "pushes" the eye.

How do I "lift" the eye area?

If the eye area begins to sag slightly, it is all the more important to give it a new contour with the help of a few make-up tricks. 

Use a deep black eyeliner to do this (instead of brown). Using a thin line, apply it very close to the upper lash line. (1)

When using eyeshadows, do not use nuances with a metallic shimmer because they emphasize small wrinkles.

What helps with bags under the eyes?

In the first step, apply a good foundation to the skin. 

In order to hide the eye bags well, it is important to use the same foundation color as the facial skin. 

Apply a lighter concealer to the corner of the eye and the crease under the sachet. This helps to reduce the hard transition and the bags under the eyes are lightened. (2)

Note: Unlike for people with dark circles under the eyes, bags under the eyes should not be covered with a light color, as they make them even more visible.

6. Blush Tips for Mature Skin

Color your cheeks gently. 
You can emphasize the contours of your face with pride. A little blush suits every woman of all ages. 

It gives the skin a healthy, fresh look and visually raises the upper half of the face. 

To create an optical lifting effect, it is best to start the blush in the middle of the cheekbones and pull it up to the temples (don't forget to blend the transitions well). 

Don't use glitter pigments, go for soft, natural tones such as dusky pink, peach or a warm red.

How do I use blush correctly?

Whole young women smile and use the blush brush on top of the “bump" created by the smile, more mature women are advised to begin in the middle of the cheekbones and then apply blush to the temples.

Applying the color like this emphasizes the cheekbones and you look younger (an optimal lifting effect). For a tired, pale look, experts recommend rose tones instead of red tones. (3)

7. Lipstick Tips for Mature Skin

Now that you are done with the eye make-up, you can venture a little more on the lips. Use a lipstick tone that closely matches the inner part of your lips or gums. 

A creamy, shiny lipstick (or alternatively a lip gloss) reflects the light and gives your lips more volume than a matte tone. 

Experts recommend tracing the lip edge with a lip liner as a primer so that the color does not sip into small fine lines and wrinkles. 

How do I hide small lip wrinkles?

Smaller lip wrinkles can be covered with a few simple tricks. First, apply liquid and best light-reflecting concealer around the lips. (4)

The lips appear fuller and small wrinkles become invisible. Then use contour pencil in the color of the lipstick and trace the lip contour from the outer corners of the mouth to the middle of the lip. Put the lipstick over with a brush and you are done!

Some of the best ways to hide pigmentation and age spots?

From the experts: The most effective way is to conceal the spots with a correction stick.

If you only use a concealer or foundation to cover, the pigment spot usually turns gray and the complexion appears bland. 

A special correction stick neutralizes the pigmented spot perfectly and the complexion retains its radiance. (5)

First, apply the foundation, and then dab the correction stick on large hyperpigmentation areas (age spots) with the fingertip. Use a brush on smaller spots. Apply a little foundation as a finish.

How do I keep my skin fit?

1. Always take off your makeup in the evening and clean it in the morning. Then apply a rich moisturizer. (6)

2. From the age of 25 years, you should start using appropriate anti-aging skincare products. The application of the cream is also crucial. 

3. The most effective way to apply it is by tapping the creams into the skin with a gentle massage instead of rubbing them in. And as soon as the first rays of the sun come out, apply sunscreen. UV rays are still the main cause of wrinkles! 

Did you enjoy these makeup tips for mature skin? Let me know in the comment section. Feel free to share it with a friend!

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