A broken or cracked nail hurts! 

You even get to wonder how it ended up breaking that way? 

That feeling sucks! Seeing your nail shorter than the rest and the stress of how to repair it is real. 

Worry no more, this post will teach you how to repair a broken nail. I know you want an instant formula to getting it back to its original size.

In this article, we talk about how to fix a broken or a cracked nail at home and how to give it a better look. The kind of relief this information will give you is what matters. Read on:

How To Repair A Broken Nail at Home
Cracked nails are caused by weakening components like getting your nails wet repeatedly. 

Your nails can break due to the usage of severe detergents like cleaning fluids, nail polish removers, and cleansers. 

You can choose to wear gloves when doing your laundry or cleaning chores to avoid breaking or cracking your nails. (1)

How to Repair A Broken Nail:

1. Using teabags

This is a DIY method that you cut a piece of teabag more giant than the cracked part of the nail. 

Apply some nail glue on the paper and fix it on the nail. Later on, when it's dry, apply nail polish or a top coating. It might seem inconvenient, but it works magic. (2)

2. Using nail powder

This powder will help your broken nail look better and stronger until it gets its full length. 

All you need to do is apply to apply some glue on the nail, later deep the nail into the nail powder like IBD5 or other nail filler powder. 

After it dries out apply nail polish to make it have a better look.

3. Cutting it down

When you get to a point where you can't fill or repair the broken nail back to its normal state, why not cut it do? This way, you will get your natural nails back correctly.

4. Being gentle with your nails

Always focus on keeping your nails healthy to avoid random cracks or broken nails. With the much, we have talked about tips for fixing your nails. 

It’s good to prevent cracks before happening. You can do this by not overdoing your manicure that is your nail gel and keeping your nails dry as you can.

5. Using a silk wrap

On our next method to repair a broken nail is this silk wrap trick.

This method is the same as the teabag process as it strengthens your cracked nail to be able to do your manicure normally. (3)

All you need to do is clean the damaged area, get the silk wrap on your nail from the nail bed, apply glue to it to cover the nail completely. After it dries off, apply polish gently to coat the nail.

6. Using acrylic nails

When you have broken nails, its best to get acrylic nails from the store. They will instantly hide your cracked nails, giving your nails a beautiful appearance. 

This will also give them enough time to grow back. With this, you won’t need to worry about anybody spotting the cracks. 

7. The nail glue will also give your nails an easy fix while you enjoy your fake it.  Do your research on what risks the acrylic nails will cause before applying it.

How To Fix A Broken Nail Corner

Whether the corner is split, cracked, or completely broken off, the broken nail repair guidelines listed above should work just fine. (4)

If this corner is bleeding, kindly take some time to heal the area before attempting any of these remedies. 

You do not want to create another situation by introducing bacteria or any other infections to the open wound.

After it has healed, feel free to use the teabag method, the silk wrap method, or any other that is convenient for you. 

It should work just fine without necessarily having to cut down the nail. 

This is because the corner of the nail is somewhat hidden and easy to cover that the center part of the nail.

How To Repair A Split Nail Down The Middle

Nails’ splitting down is more of a medical condition than just something that occurs by accident. 

This is not the same as cracked nails or a broken nail incident that happened when doing house chore or handling water for a long time.

The medical term for this condition is Onychoschizia. For how to repair a split nail down in the middle. 

I recommend reading some medical resources about such nail problems. And thereafter seek professional medical advice.

Most brittles nails occur because of weakness in the nail plate that causes the nail to split in down the middle.

How To Fix A Vertical Split Nail

A vertical split nail can be very painful. This is mostly down in the middle but it can also happen at any point along the nail plate. 

Fixing it is possible, just follow the steps I have listed above.

Though fixing a vertical nail split seems achievable by using home remedies and some common tips and tricks. This can be more than just nail surface issues. 

In cases where it keeps reoccurring, do not hesitate to get medical professional help. (5)

In conclusion, Even though there are several ways on how to repair a broken nail at home, it's good to have special care for your nails. 

Take good care of your manicure and keep it looking good as long as you can. 

These same tips will also apply to repair cracked nails at home. When you take action soon enough you will be able to prevent the nail from breaking. 

Use products that do not over dry your nails and always be mindful of chores and tasks that put your nails at risk. Choose your manicure styles correctly to avoid damages.