How to Grow Hair Faster: Tips and Tricks

Long healthy hair is lovely; it takes a woman from looking shabby to looking smart and appealing.  The good news is that this dream is very achievable.

Managing isn't supposed to be much work. It only requires you to follow affordable and straightforward advice or remedies on how to grow your hair faster. 

The desire to have long hair has made many women seek different ways to go about it. Some of these methods being substandard and mere guesswork.

Without thinking straight, most people end up messing their hair or spending quite a handful of time and money in getting back their natural hair. 

How to Grow Hair Faster: Tips and Tricks

Your diet also has a great impact on your hair growth efforts. It is something most people overlook in their quest to have healthy hair. 

Here are simple ways on how to grow your hair  faster:

1. Frequently trim your hair to get rid of end splits which break your hair. These split ends make you lose your hair length, volume, smoothness, and shine. (1)

By doing this, you get to eliminate the breakage appearances showing your hair is having a faster growth. By so doing, you will be giving your hair space to increase its length.

2. Eat the right meal; you can do this by eating a balanced diet and try to add an extra protein to your meal like nuts, beans, and fish. 

If you don't consume enough proteins, then be sure of having hair breakage and more shedding. 

This will boost your hair from the inside, giving it a faster growth.  You can also add vitamins like vitamin A, minerals like iron not forgetting omega-3 fatty acid.

They will help improve your hair growth. You may end up getting a glowing skin in the process!!

3. Avoid over-styling your hair and if you have to use heat styling tools, then reduce the temperature and its preferable to use a heat protectant

This way, you reduce the risk of damaging your hair which leads to breakage and kink. There are a lot of protective hairstyles out there to serve this purpose. 

4. At times you might be tempted to go to bed with uncombed hair when you are tired. 

Combe your hair to distribute your scalp oils throughout the hair evenly for it to stay moisturized naturally. Doing this each night will help in circulation, making your hair scalp healthier. (2)

5. You need to be careful when you brush your wet hair because its prone to breakage when it is wet. Make sure you use a damp brush, this is essential because it will make you brush your wet hair smoothly. 

Start brushing your hair gently from the ends, working your way upwards. This way, you give your hair a chance to healthier and faster growth. (3)

6. Give closer attention to your skin as the product you use has the same impact on your skin as well as in your hair. 

It's good to treat your hair the same way you treat your skin as it also is part of you how it feels on your skin whether waxy, heavy, hydrated or soft is how it feels in your hair. (4)

7. Why not sleep on the silky pillowcase? It’s not all about getting better sleep but getting better hair as you sleep. 

Go for a silky pillowcase because it is easier on hair. You get to avoid breakage and tangles. With this tip, you will get your hair to grow longer and faster.
Achieving longer hair is a journey that is worth taking up. Our tips on how to grow your hair faster do not mean that you will start seeing results overnight. 

Rather it is a process that will take you a shorter time compared to when you just live your life without taking up any of these steps. You will definitely grow healthy hair at a much shorter time.

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