Best Makeup Brushes: Beginners Guide

Do you know the same way you get so worked up when purchasing makeup products is the same you will be when trying to shop for the best makeup brushes?

This can be very confusing for beginners and people who bought brushes that do not work well with their products. 

Makeup brushes vary by the material used in making them some are processed using synthetic material while others are made from natural materials. 

Best Makeup Brushes: Beginners Guide
Their handles and sizes also vary. Depending on the design, some handles will give you more control as you work on to apply the products. 

Some handles will feel very lousy and will give you a hard time working with it. 

These handles can be of wood or plastic material. Some are more durable than others, though all this depends on the quality of the processing material used. 

When you use the right brushes in your makeup application, it's a guarantee that it will blend into your skin better and you will spend much less time trying to get a flawless look. 

In this article, I am going to tell you how to choose your makeup brushes considering a number of factors. 

Not forgetting, these brushes are categorized according to their functions.

You need to know what makeup brushes are appropriate, like knowing their durability and quality.  

You can do this by rubbing the brush on your skin. The bristles ought to feel soft and not scratchy. 

If the bristles fall off upon rubbing it on your hand, that isn't a quality brush, don't buy it.

What are of the factors to consider when looking for the best makeup brushes:

1. The quality of the bristles is all that matters first when choosing a makeup brush. Choose brushes with natural fibers over those made with synthetic fibers. 

2. Get brushes that match your budget and need. Its effect will show on your face depending on what you buy. 

You might be having the most expensive makeup available in the market and fail on the brushes part. 

3. Your makeup brushes should have a shape that makes it easy to apply and blend the makeup effectively. 

It should have dense, full bristles with soft handles made of either wood or plastic. 

Getting durable brushes will work wonders to your face for along time. I emphasis on getting the best makeup brushes because it is rewarding. 

4. Choose your brushes according to their job. There are several brushes available in the market for specific applications. 

We have foundation brushes that have bristles filled at the tip. When purchasing, it's best to get the ones with synthetic fiber, which are easier to clean.

5. Select a round, soft, large, and full tip brush for your powder application.  

The bristles shouldn't be packed, and it should be able to hold onto the powder when applying it. 

This brush should work with compact and bronze powder. 

6. There is also the fan powder brush, which is used in creating a light dusting. Its tip splashes out flat fan when applying light powder. 

It's also used in dusting off excess powder from the face.  

7. It's best if you buy brushes that are of good quality. If you want durable and high-quality brushes, be ready to spend on them, but at the end of it all, they will serve you for long, and all you will need is knowing how to maintain them properly. (1)

What about cheap makeup brushes?

There are several cheap makeup brush brands out there and a lot more of cheap makeup products. The truth is some of these are of good quality.

However, the term is vague. Cheap is relative, some people will use it for under $10 makeup brushes and some will say cheap while they mean under $100 makeup brushes.

My verdict on these items is that it takes a lot much time and energy to settle on a good cheap product. It is a journey of trial and error.

Depending on your budget, I would say affordable quality makeup brushes. They will serve you for a long time.

Good brushes will also make your products layer smoothly and give you a beautiful natural finish that is to be desired.

My thoughts on the best makeup brush sets

Getting a makeup set is the best decision especially for beginners who are still wondering what to buy.

These sets come will all the necessary brushes you will need to for blush, foundation, concealer, and other powder products.

It will make your makeup journey enjoyable because you will not go guessing which brush is best for what. And most of these sets come with details instructions on how to use these makeup brushes.

My thoughts on the best foundation brushes

Foundation is somewhat the basic makeup products for every girl. It is the one used to covers the entire face and neck.

Some people even go-ahead to put on two or three layers of these products to get the kind of coverage they want.

In this category, we have liquid makeup foundation brushes and powder foundation brushes. They are all different in shape and density.

However, if you well know your way around makeup, you can easily find a way to use the other for powder and vice versa.

What are the Best Eyeshadow Brushes?

Just like foundation and concealer, the eyeshadow also has a specials brush.

The best eyeshadow brush is small in size and a little rounded. This makes it easy to fit into the eye area and get the product into all the eye creases.

The size of the brush also gives you more control and confidence to blend in the eyeshadow properly

What are the Best Bronzer Brushes Today?

For this purpose, go for a brush with dense bristles that are short.

It will easily apply and blend your blush without much hustle. At the same time, this brush will define your cheek area as desired because the shape and size are appropriate for that function.

What are the Best Contour Brushes in the Market?

Go for densely packed brush for this makeup section. Look for a brush that has soft bristles so that it can perfectly contour your face and blend the sculpture line well.

The Best Way To Clean Makeup Brushes

You make your brushes to last long by practicing good hygiene and basic cleanliness. 

You can do this by cleaning them monthly using warm water and a little shampoo, and later on, make sure they are scorched but not by blotting them with paper towels. (1)

Poor hygiene and lousiness in cleaning these tools will bring you some skin problems. The most common are pimples and acne outbreaks. 

Most people end up thinking that it is the makeup products affecting or reacting to their skin. 

But the truth is the dirt and bacteria accumulated on these tools that cause problems.

It's best to know what makeup brushes you want. Don't just purchase any brush you come across or that which looks good. 

It's all about your skin and having a perfect appearance when you step out of the door!! The best makeup brushes are those that meet your needs and make blending easier. 

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